About Maldivian Maldivian is the leading domestic carrier of the country.

Maldivian - The National Carrier of Maldives

Maldivian - The National Carrier of Maldives

Maldivian is owned and operated by Island Aviation Services Ltd and is the leading domestic carrier of the country. Graduating from its role as the dominant domestic carrier in the country; Maldivian commenced its first regional operations on 25th January 2008 with the first flight to Trivandrum, India. Furthermore in 2013, Maldivian started operations from Hanimaadhoo (North Maldives) to Trivandrum. 

Today, Maldivian the nation's carrier operates daily frequent flights to 11  airports within the country. In addition to daily flights to Trivandrum, the flag carrier added 2 more destinations to its regional network by commencing flights to  Chennai - India and Dhaka - Bangladesh in 2012. In 2013 Maldivian further expanded its network by starting flights to Chongqing, China. A second destination in China – Wuhan was added to the Maldivian network in July 2014 followed by three additional points, Xi'an, Nanjing and Changsha in 2015. A sixth point, Chengdu was added to the network in July 2016. Maldivian further started operations to Bangkok effective 2015.

The carrier was formally known as Island Aviation and was re-branded in August 2008. The main reason for re-branding was to establish a brand in order to further distinguish the airline in the existing markets and to give the airline a name that reflected its origins - the Maldives and its people.

Maldivian – the brand

The name “Maldivian”  was chosen for its simplicity and effectiveness. It was a name that gave the airline immediate recognition as the nation’s main airline and reflected the values of the nation.

Bridging the Gap – the slogan

The bridging of the geographical, cultural and economic gaps for Maldivians within the country as well as opening out to other points across the globe. Maldivian – the national airline of the country connects the atolls providing customers with safe and convenient air transportation bringing our island nation intact and united. Also acts as a major link between aviation and tourism within the country and beyond welcoming our guests to discover and experience the beauty and opportunities that Maldives has to offer.

Dolphin – the livery

Dolphin is a beautiful marine mammal commonly found in the Maldivian seas. They are found to be warm and friendly and thus rightfully reflected the corporate vision of the airline; 'the friendliest airline with unparallel excellence'. The colors used in the livery are the striking hues of blue seen while flying over the Maldives, reflecting the blue sky and the ocean at different depths.

Therefore, we the team of Maldivian, believe the colors and the dolphin truly reflect and belong with us on our livery while you, our customers and partners, fly with us to your destination.