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Chongqing sits overlooking the Yangtze, ‘the Golden River’ which represents the Yangtze River civilizations and today consists of several nationalities of China. In the present day, Chongqing is the 4th largest city in China after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. Inside its borders, Chongqing contains copious water reserves, mineral sources, thick forests and overflowing flora and fauna. Chongqing’s many charms vary from the regal Three Gorges, awe-inspiring Dazu Grottoes, the reputed White Emperor, attributed Stillwell Museum and the remarkable Shibaozhai Pagoda to name a few. If you like Chinese food, then Chongqing Cuisine will not disappoint you for It comes from Sichuan Cuisine, which are one of eight conventional Chinese cuisines.Maldivian commenced flights to Chongqing on July 15, 2013