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Q – Why do I get weighed at Check-in? 

Ans – All passengers are weighed at check-in for safety requirements of our Dash-8  200 aircrafts.

Q – When do check-in counters open and close? 

Ans – For Domestic flights the check-in counters open 2 hours before departure and for international flights the check-in counters opens 3 hours before departure. The Check-in counters closes 1 hour before departure for all flights.

Q – What are the requirements with regards to photo ID in domestic flights? 

Ans – With effect from 1st July 2004 Maldives Civil Aviation regulation requires passengers to present a valid photo identification (such as Maldivian Identity Card) at the time of making a reservation and check-in for domestic flights. Children under the age of 12 are required to present a copy of their birth certificate.

Q – What are the requirements with regards to photo ID in international flights? 

Ans – For international flights; passports must be submitted at the time of making reservation and check-in for international flights. The passport must be valid for 6 months from date of travel.

Q – What is the free baggage allowance on Maldivian? 

Ans - Please check with any of our ticketing office for excess baggage rates.

Free Baggage Allownace

Domestic Destinations                    20 KG

Trivandrum, India                            20 KG

Chennai, India                                  30 KG

Dhaka, Bangladesh                         30 KG

Bangkok, Thailand                           30 KG


Carry-on Baggage Allowance & Size

Dash 08 Aircrafts                   5kg         (Max size: 20” x 12” x 7”)

Airbus 320/321 Aircraft         7kg         (Max size: 20” x 15” x 9”)


Q- What is the maximum length of surfboards that can be carried on Maldivian flights? 

Ans – the maximum length of surfboards packed in its bags must not exceed 7 feet in length. This is due to limitation in the baggage compartment in our Dash 8 aircrafts.

Q- What other oversized checked baggage restrictions are there in Maldivian flights? 

Ans – lengthy fishing rods and other baggage exceeding 8 feet cannot be accommodated - Eg: Surf boards

Q – Are there any refund charges on Maldivian tickets? 

Ans - Yes. Please refer to your nearest Maldivian office for charges.

Q – Do passengers have to reconfirm tickets before departure? 

Ans – for international tickets, passengers are required to reconfirm their return journey 72 hours before departure time and those not reconfirmed may be cancelled without prior notice. Passengers may contact any of the Maldivian reservation offices for reconfirmation.

Q - Do passengers have to inform their onward connections at the time of making a booking?

Ans - Passengers who are travelling from a domestic/international flight with an onward connection on an international/domestic flight are required to provide this information at the time of booking.

Q – What is the validity of Maldivian tickets? 

Ans – For domestic tickets the validity is 03 months from date of issue and for international tickets the validity is 01 year from date of issue unless mentioned otherwise.

Q – What is the minimum connection time between domestic flights and international flights? 

Ans – Velana International Airport requires a minimum connection time of 02 hours between domestic and international flights.


City Check- In

Maldivian City Check-In office is located at Male’ city.  Please find below frequently asked questions related to City Check - In.

Q - Where can I do City Check-in?

Answer: Check-in counters are located at Male’ – Greater Male’ Bus Terminal (Boduthakurufaanu Magu), near Marry Brown 

Q - Can I do city check-in for any flight?

Answer: City check-in service is provided for all domestic and International flights operated by Maldivian.

Q - Will there be an extra charge for city check-in service?

Answer : No, The main objective of the city check-in service is to provide our customers a convenient option to complete the check-in process and the service is provided free of charge.

Q - When do check-in counters open?

Answer: City Check-in counters will open 4 hours prior to scheduled departure time of all Maldivian flights departing from Velana International Airport.

Q - When will the counters close for city check-in?

Answer: City Check-in counters will be closed 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

Q - Will it be possible to check-in a passenger without his/her presence?

Answer: Yes, passengers will be able to check-in without the presence at city check-in counters. However valid photo identification of the passenger and ticket must be provided to the check-in counter. Baggage contents must be known and verified by the passenger who reports for check-in as to address any safety and security concern.

Q - Will IAS provide passenger transport with city check-in facility?

Answer:  No, IAS does not provide transportation to the Airport from the City Check-in terminal. Passengers are required to arrange their own transportation to the Airport.

Q - When do I have to report to airport after check-in?

Answer: For all domestic flights, passengers have to report to airport city check-in counter and scan their boarding passes before 45 minutes and international passengers 60minutes. Passengers who fail to report on time will not be accommodated.

Q - Where should I report at the airport?

Answer: All Passengers have to report to the city check-in counter located at the Airport departure terminals on specified time and scan the boarding pass to confirm their presence at Airport.

Q - What will happen if I report late to Airport?

Answer: All passengers who have not confirmed their presence at airport before the specified time will not be able to travel and normal ticketing rules will be applicable for any changes in flight.

Q - Will any special handling passengers be accepted at city check-in?

Answer: No. All special handling passengers (eg: wheel chair, Stretcher, passengers who require medical assistance) have to report to the airport for check-in as per normal check-in procedure.