Prohibited Items

Get to know about what you can carry and transport to the Maldives.

Banned substances in the Maldives

Please note that the import of firearms, liquor, drugs, dogs, pigs, pork products and pornography in to the Maldives is strictly prohibited. Alcohol may be imported only with an official license.

Import of pornographic literature, idols of worship, certain animal products, explosive and weapons and alcoholic beverages are not allowed into the Maldives. Drugs are strictly prohibited and the penalty of importing drugs for personal or other use is life imprisonment. Personal pets apart from dogs can be brought with a special permission and all animals require veterinary certificate.

Before you leave for the airport

The following, among other things, may not be exported in any form: black corals, stony corals, Triton shells, Pearl Oysters, lobsters, Turtles and Turtle shells.

Please also note that following animals are prohibited for collection and fishing: Black corals, Conches, Giant Clams, Berried and small lobsters, turtles, napoleon Wrasses, Dolphins, Whale sharks and Whales.