Refund Request

Refund Request

All tickets purchased from Maldivian ticketing office on cash and debit card will be refunded same day from our ticketing office.

Submission time: 0900 to 1300hours

Collection time : 1400 to 1600hours

  1. Credit card Refunds will be credited to the respective card only. 
  2. Any tickets issued on credit will be refunded to the customer and not to the passenger unless otherwise on written request from the paid customer. 
  3. All cash/cheque/debit card refund, applications should be supported by ID card/Passport copies of passengers. 
  4. If the refund is to be collected by any other person other than the applicant or passenger , his/her ID card copy should be submitted. 
  5. Tickets submitted for refund after the expiry date will not be acceptable 
  6. Refund application forms for tickets issued on credit can be accepted only upon payment of the invoices. 
  7. Refund charges may vary depending on the fare/class. Please refer to any Maldivian Ticket Office.

Refund application form can be downloaded from our downloads section.