Trivandrum Festivals

Male', Maldives, June 12 2013

Just 1 hour 20 minutes by Maldivian from Male’ lies the city of Trivandrum, the gateway to Kerala and a wealth of cultural attractions and festivals.

The southern Indian state boasts a host of regular festivals and special events throughout the year including elephant pageants, boat races and religious festivals. These colourful events hold as much appeal for tourists as they do for locals, and the crowds are often a mix of travellers and the local community.

More and more tourists are choosing to tag on a holiday in Kerala to their Maldives holiday, being as the two destinations are made so close with Maldivian’s flight route. By combining the two destinations in one holiday, travellers get the perfect blend of culture and beaches.

A Traditional Boat Race 'Vallam Kali' held during Onam

The exact dates of Kerala’s other festivals are usually decided in accordance with the Malayalam calendar and local traditions and customs. There can be slight changes with the dates so it’s best to check with the local authorities.

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